Answers to commonly asked questions.

This page is for answers to general questions about OMO CEP.

For assistance with common issues during setup, refer to the Troubleshooting page.

Getting Started

Is OMO CEP a good choice for first-time players?

Yes. We've worked with the modding community to carefully select mods that create a "vanilla-plus" game experience.

The only mod that changes the game balance is HERO Buff, which can be easily disabled from the MODS Menu if you'd like to lean more into the "vanilla" than the "plus" side of things.

Can I use OMO CEP in the middle of my playthrough, without starting a new game?

Yes. OMO CEP is fully compatible with unmodded OMORI save data.

You will not need to start a new game should you choose to start or stop using OMO CEP.

Can I still earn Steam achievements while using OMO CEP?

Yes. You can still earn every achievement in the game.

Does OMO CEP add the console-exclusive content to OMORI on Steam?

No. The console content is copyrighted and we cannot host that online without permission.

The Xbox for Windows / Game Pass version of OMORI includes the console content, but keep in mind it does not support mods.


Can I use OMO CEP Lite on any Linux PC, not just the Steam Deck?

In general, if your Linux PC can run OMORI without mods, it can run OMO CEP Lite. However, we will not be able to provide full support for your specific distro.

Playing OMORI

What does the "Decrypt" option do in the MODS Menu?

The decryption tool converts OMORI from a standalone executable to an editable RPGMaker project. It's only useful if you want to rip the game assets or mod OMORI yourself.


Can I use this other mod I found with OMO CEP for Windows?

It depends on the mod.

In general, the more core functionality a mod changes, the less likely it is to be compatible with OMO CEP.

You're welcome to submit an issue to the GitHub issue tracker if you need cross-compatibility assistance with a specific mod.

What happened to the CEP Discord server? Where can I get updates and support now?

Updates and support were moved to the GitHub issue tracker in June 2024.

Using GitHub instead of Discord lets users browse open issues and answered questions without signing into an account or joining a server.

If you still want to use Discord for support, check out the #modding-discussion channel on the OMORI fan server.

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