Solutions to common issues.
This page is for assistance with common issues during setup
For answers to general questions about OMO CEP., refer to the FAQ page.

My issue isn't listed here.

The fastest way to get support is on Discord.


OneLoader is telling me to look at "latest.log."
latest.log is the OneLoader log file and is located in the base OMORI game folder. You can open it with any text editor. If you need help understanding the log, upload your latest.log file in the Discord support channel and we'll help you out.
Error: "OMORI must be launched directly from Steam."
OMORI is DRM-protected and cannot be launched from the game executable.
  • Make sure you are launching the game by clicking PLAY in your Steam library.

Playing the Game

I can't move up or down in the menu when selecting my controller icons.
  • Use ← → to select the icons you want. The cursor will wrap around to the next row if you press → at the end of the previous row.
I copied/downloaded a save file from another PC, and it won't show up in the menu when I try to load it.
OMORI keeps track of which individual save files (fileX.rpgsave) exist in a master file called global.rpgsave. You can easily reset global.rpgsave and show all the save files in your www\save folder.
Please note that this trick will reset your settings (text speed, custom keybinds, etc.), but it will not delete or reset any of your save data!
  • Launch OMORI and open the Options menu.
  • If you are playing the game in fullscreen, disable fullscreen for now.
  • Scroll over to SYSTEM and select Restore Default Settings.
  • When the message "Default configuration has been restored. Do you want to recover global.rpgsave?" appears, select OK.
  • All of your saves should now appear and you can set up the Options menu again to your liking.
I can't disable Mole Cool.
Nobody will ever see this because nobody would ever want to disable Mole Cool.