Upgrade OMO CEP

Upgrade to the latest version of OMO CEP.

These instructions are for users upgrading from OMO CEP v3.0 or later.

To upgrade from a version earlier than 3.0, follow the instructions in Getting Started.


Add New Files

  • In another Windows Explorer window, unzip your OMO CEP download and locate the www folder inside.

  • Drag and drop the www folder into your OMORI game folder.

    • Select Yes to All when prompted to overwrite files.

Make sure you are dropping into the main OMORI game folder, not the www subfolder!

Close and Re-Launch

The Window Scaling Fix mod will not work the first time after it is installed; OMORI must be restarted.

  • Close OMORI—the easiest way is with the keyboard shortcut Alt+F4.

  • Simply launch OMORI again, and Window Scaling Fix will work!

Once you've finished adding the new files and have restarted the game, you're ready to play!

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