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Installing OMO CEP Lite

Install OMO CEP Lite to your Steam Deck.

Open Game Folder

We are going to install OMO CEP directly into the game folder. Keep this location in mind!
  • Staying in the Local Files tab of OMORI's Properties window, click Browse... to open your OMORI game folder in the Dolphin file explorer.

Install OMO CEP Lite

  • Unzip your OMO CEP download and locate the www folder inside.
  • Drag and drop the www folder into your OMORI folder window. This will merge OMO CEP Lite's www folder and the www folder that's already part of OMORI.
Make sure you are dropping into the main OMORI game folder, not the www subfolder!
  • When you are prompted to overwrite a folder, check Apply to All and click Write Into.
  • When you are prompted to overwrite a file, check Apply to All and click Overwrite.

Launching the Game

  • Return to Game Mode in SteamOS.
  • To play OMORI with mods, just launch the game from Steam like you normally would. You'll know everything is working when you see the OMO CEP Lite logo on startup.
I don't see the OMO CEP Lite logo.
Make sure you put the OMO CEP Lite www folder in your OMORI folder and were prompted to overwrite files.
It's a common mistake to put the www folder inside OMORI's existing www folder instead of merging the two folders.
Congratulations! You've finished installing OMO CEP Lite and are ready to play!